Opening Night
World Premiere

This year’s program has a strong focus on the dark arts of the documentary and is divided into a few thematic sections . I hope you enjoy what you see; if not ... well come and argue with me afterwards. A thanks to all the filmmakers and sales agents who worked hard to bring us these films: special mentions for service “beyond the call of duty” to Hedva and Hadar at GO2 Films, Udy and Chase at 7th Art Releasing and Michelle at GREEN productions – you are all treasures.

Richard Moore
Artistic Director.

QUESTIONS OF FAITH. Is there a more pressing issue in this schismatic century than the question of faith and interfaith?

CULTURE CORNER A hommage to Israeli culture and some of its flawed and tragic characters.

ON THE EDGE Living on the edge is status quo in Israel ; this selection is but a small sample of some of the hot button issues facing contemporary citizens and “non citizens”.

BLASTS FROM THE PAST Classics from the vaults of Israel’s cinematic history. When will you get a chance to see them on the big screen again?

QUEER SPOT A new addition to the program – a humourous and zany celebration of queer themes and queer Israeli film culture.